Friday, March 28, 2014

A little pre-production into the weekend....

Alrighty, the weekend is upon us, and as we end the week, here is a size comparison chart... just for kicks.


So as you can see... the kid is NOT a giant (unless they're BOTH giants)... so you can throw those story theories out the window (or CAN you?!). That's not what it's about (it really isn't) Though it wouldn't exactly be a stretch considering another project I'm involved in putting together (that I can't really talk about).

So hopefully this weekend I will get the rewrite done on "A Change of Mind" and send off to Colin to get opinions. It's not a whole lot of work, but things have been crazy at my day job.

I also need to get working on this:

Show pitch I'm putting together unrelated to anything else in the past... but it's likely the pitch I've been most excited about getting together...

Just. So. Busy.

I mean... there's also THIS!!


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