Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Change of Mind 2014 - Coling Giles and some Development Art!

So one of the main reasons that "A Change of Mind" has found new life is with the addition of Colin Giles to the project.

I've known Colin since WAY back in the 90's working at Natterjack Animation where he was an animator (I was an assistant). I've worked in a couple other studios with him (Bardel, Nitrogen) and he's taken part in the art shows House of Ten used to put on, "Deightons Afer Dark".

Colin was looking for a project, and I was looking for an animation director. I knew from his other work, that Colin is also the type of guy who's not satisfied with just doing his day job (Animation instructor at Vancouver Film School), and has his own side projects that serve more to entertain, and less to make him money. THAT is on the House of Ten Charter! (the not making money part).

Though the idea to work on this project together has been on for a while, this last year was so busy, it was only in this last month that things started to really take off.

So without giving toooo much of the game away, I'll be posting some pre-production art as the project moves along.

First off, some rough exploratory sketches of our two main characters.

More work to come! And rather than trying to delve into Colin's creative thought process, I will try and have him explain future posted work in his own words.

So yes, Colin will be co-directing this project, and hopefully not House of Ten's only foray into animated shorts.

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