Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Storytellers: Neil Gaiman

Keeping with my current trend of posting vids of people who do what I want to do, talking about doing what I want to do, here is a really cool Neil Gaiman address to the University of the Arts...


I wanted to have this blog be more about projects "House of Ten" or myself are working on, but the only project being worked on right now is mine and Arlyn's wedding... Until that is all wrapped up, there won't be a lot else going on. However, the wedding itself has a few projects I will be sharing soon... I couldn't do a wedding without some sort of video project taking place.

Again, If you're bored, you can check out wedding stuff that I have already leaked here:

http://elleryandarlyn.blogspot.ca/ -EL

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Storytellers: Lindelof On LOST...

I loved LOST... Still do. I LOVED the ending. A lot of people don't.

I do wonder though, of those who HATE the ending, how many people just flat-out don't get what happened.

I was reading a LOST message board a few weeks ago, and one guy got all pissy saying he should have been a writer on the show, and that he's written TONS of fan fiction episodes that are far better than the episodes we were given. He finished his post by stating that he had actually written a great final episode that didn't have all that "They were dead the whole time" shit.

Fer fux sake.

So although I hate posting on message boards, I basically had to crap on this guy and say that if he thought everyone was dead the whole time, he had no business writing ANYTHING about LOST.

I figured this kind of idiocy must be rare, and then I saw the following interview...

This guy is actually interviewing Damon Lindelof and tries to give him shit about his crap ending to LOST.

However, the interviewer doesn't understand the ending AT ALL, and Damon has to explain it to him like he's a child.

Any way, aside from the idiot interviewer, this is a great watch... I like this Damon Lindelof guy. He should have taken a crack at The Dark Tower when he had the chance.