Wednesday, July 16, 2014

NSI Script to Screen Competition - PART 2 of ???

Part 1 here:

So with 50 of the 200 spots filled on the first day, I went into panic mode, stopped sleeping, and just wrote my ass off.

I still had my real job, so my time was pretty limited. On top of that, I was sick - hacking up a lung.

To get in the head space for this epic tale of heroism and hockey, I watched what may be one of the greatest hockey movies of all time...

The Mighty Ducks!

I hadn't seen this in years, but it still held up.

One comment on that movie though...

 So Emilio Estevez was a hot shot player at 11 years old, who quits because he blows the game winning goal, and gives up playing hockey. Later, as an adult, he ends up coaching this rag-tag group of terrible hockey players. While coaching them, he takes them to a hockey game where an NHL player tells him he has a place at try outs whenever he wants.

This leads to Mighty Ducks 2 where Emilio's character actually makes it to the NHL.

So no hockey after 11 years old, and you manage to still make it into the NHL?


So back to NSI. I worked out the complete story in my head, and then in a mad panic to get it in on time, I wrote for 2 days straight the two outlines, the sample script and the log line. Overall, I was very happy with it.

Until I read it a day after I handed it in.

Being half asleep and rushed, this pitch has some of the WORST grammar. Maybe even worse than you'll see on this page (Worse? Worst? Ugh... grammar.).

Hey, while on Grammar....

Yup, Weird Al is still relevant.

So I was pretty pissed at myself for a good day or so, but then realized that if I hadn't sent the pitch in when I did, I wouldn't have made the deadline. When I handed it in it was 4:00 AM... the contest closed 7 hours later.

But I did get it in. And it's in their hands now.

They are specifically looking for family friendly films... This could not be more family friendly.

It's also very, VERY, Canadian. I enjoyed writing what I've written so far, and hope they like it as well. I like it so much, in fact, that I'll probably write it myself anyway.

So there WILL be a "Part 3", just not sure whether it will be exciting, contest winning news... or less exciting "I'm writing it myself" news.