Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Speaking of Rogen... Bound 3!

This is OOOOOLD news now, but since I've mentioned we are currently working with Seth Rogen on his new flick, I figured I may as well show off a side project Kev Pavlovic and I worked on for him.

This came about really quickly... I won't go into boring details, so I'll just say we were asked on a Friday if we would be interested in helping Seth Rogen and James Franco with their video spoof of Kanye West's "Bound 3".

At this point, they (Seth and James) were already using Kev's bike for the shoot, but now it looked like we would be taking their green screen footage and comping in some background footage to make it as close as possible to the Kim and Kanye version.

We worked 24 hours straight to have it out by the Monday morning, and in the end, we were more than happy with it.

It didn't take long for someone to put up a shot by shot comparison vid as well

They were a LITTLE worried that Kim and Kanye (especially Kanye) would lose their shit over it.... but they knew better. When the world all loves something, can you really be the one yelling "NOT FUNNY MOTHAH FUCKAH!!!"

One of the highlights... working on it got invited to "The Interview" wrap party... where they screened it repeatedly...

And that wraps of the Bound 3 adventure.

And yes, this does mean if we ran into Seth and Franco on the streets, they would have no idea who we were until we yelled "WE MADE BOUND 3!" at which point Seth would laugh, nod "oh okay!" and then head on his way.


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