Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Colin Giles - New Writer for Cartoon Brew...

So a little coverage on our Co-Director for "A Change of Mind"... Colin Giles will be one of three new writers covering animation for the site "Cartoon Brew"


Here's their write up... which has more info on Colin than I have given in the past:

Pictured: Colin Giles (right) with a young Jimmy Fallon (middle) and Dr. Zaius (Left)

"Colin Giles, our first Canada-based contributor, will lead our new educational-initiative Cartoon Brew-ED. Colin is an animation industry veteran who currently serves as a senior animation instructor at Vancouver Film School. The new Cartoon Brew-ED subsite will be a curated guide to valuable instructional and educational resources for today’s animation artist. For now, it will remain independent of the main site, and will be available exclusively at Facebook.com/AnimationTips and CartoonBrew.tumblr.com.

COLIN GILES (@cartooncolin) is a Vancouver-based animator, filmmaker, and educator. Currently Senior Animation Instructor at Vancouver Film School, he has lectured at Siggraph 2013 and universities and workshops in Seoul and Vancouver. For over 16 years he has contributed as both animator and supervisor on a wide range of productions including Disney Interactive titles, Ren & Stimpy’s Adult Party Cartoon, Robotboy, and Thomas and Friends (linkedin). Colin has trained many future bosses now working at prominent studios such as Sony Imageworks, MPC, EA, Nerdcorps, Bardel, and Nitrogen. Connect with him on LinkedIn."

House of Ten is all about Celebrities.

There is a serious lack of color going on in these posts lately... so....

If you don't know what this image is from, you're life is more empty than you realize.

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