Monday, June 2, 2014

Ahhh Film School...

So while I was reminiscing about the good old days of Vancouver Film School, I got to thinking about a guy I hung around with a lot at the time. After School I never heard from him again. The guy was hilarious, and I was always curious where he ended up. He was the voice of the French Canadian guy in my first ever film. It was terrible.

So since this blog still - for whatever reason - gets a stupid amount of hits for no content, I will put his name up on here. Should he ever get so bored that he googles his name, he may very well come up with this blog.

So, hey there Vince Bergeron! What's up! Bardel was looking for some Clean-up guys back in 97 and I recommended you... just couldn't get a hold of you. So... now you know. I don't think the job is still up for grabs though.

And a quick hello to any Vince Bergeron - the musician fans... Cuz that's really the only guy who comes up in Google search... unless that IS the same guy.... which would be weird.

They do sort of look alike... and it was like 17 years ago...

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