Thursday, August 30, 2012

Let's write a screenplay!

Yup, I have officially rallied my friends to take part in the best lottery ever - Writing and selling a screenplay!!!

yup... write out everything by hand first... old school.

The idea for the feature we're writing came to me in a dream... it was just enough of a fucked up premise I figured it would work as a kids CG animated flick.

I pitched it to some friends who were all REALLY excited about it, and then roped a couple of them in to help flesh it out.

So last night I headed to the best writing room in Vancouver - Boston Pizza - with Kevin Pavlovic and Jenn Taylor. My WIFE, Arlyn (still weird to say) will be helping as well, but couldn't make it out for this first meeting.

I'm probably going to document the creation of this script here, for shits and giggles... but not sure how much exactly...

So it has begun...

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